Designed by architect Rodolfo Cañas, this large home in Chile was impressed by the story of Jonah and the Whale. Cañas formed the house round two gardens and is situated within the rural city of Pomaire, lower than an hour southwest of Santiago. The only-family house is designed to guard and shelter its residents from the weather, climate, and environment.

Designer: Rodolfo Cañas

“In some methods, the Paire Home will be akin to the whale that protected Jonah in the course of the storm,” mentioned the architect. “In a rural, dry, rugged surroundings and in addition near a freeway with a heavy site visitors circulate, this home works as a container; a protecting physique, which separates its inhabitants from the hostile surroundings and makes them look in direction of a extra sheltered inside.”

The shielding and protecting high quality of the house is just like the whale that swallowed the prophet, Jonah. From above, the home seems to be like an summary human physique with 4 limbs angled in several instructions. This attention-grabbing format is decided by two parallel circulation routes, one personal, and one public, in addition to an intention to orient the room towards sure views. You’ll be able to enter the home via a backyard to the north, that’s sheltered by a cover. The backyard is landscaped to maneuver guests towards one gate, and residents to a different. “This kinds the lower between the rugged exterior and the sheltered inside of the home,” mentioned Cañas. “It’s a lined backyard and considers a extra managed pure lighting with a purpose to generate the lower coming from the surface.”

The home features a row of 4 bedrooms which all face an enclosed backyard. The rooms have been outfitted with floor-to-ceiling glass doorways, and friends cross via the backyard to enter the dwelling area. The residents, then again, can transfer round by way of an inside hall that passes behind the bedrooms. This passageway encompasses a skylight that permits gentle to stream into it. The southwest finish of the house holds an open-plan kitchen, eating, and lounge space. These areas overlook the central backyard. The first suite is positioned within the southeast wing.

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