No matter what type of business you run, making sure your people are paid properly and on time is a non-negotiable standard that you’re probably already prioritising.  

To make this task as fast, simple, and accurate as possible, we release frequent updates and improvements to Sage Payroll. 

These are designed based on feedback from our users, including which parts of the software they find the most useful, and any suggestions for new capabilities.  

This article is where we list the latest additions, so make sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date. This will help you with the new tax year, which started on 6 April 2024.

If you need more info on the latest legislation changes, check our summary here. 

The latest enhancements to Sage Payroll are: 

The People’s Pension integration 

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

We’ve extended our automated Pensions integration to include The People’s Pension. 

This means you can submit your pension data (including contribution details) for The People’s Pension directly from Sage Payroll, saving you time each pay run. If you already do this manually, you can continue to do so or switch to automated submission. 

Sage HR essentials 

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

Sage Payroll now includes more features to help small businesses manage their employees. We call these Sage HR Essentials, and they give your people self-serve access to payslips and P60s, either online or via the Sage HR app. 

Additional features include: 

  • Ability to securely store Right to Work and other employee documents. 
  • Up to 3 leave policies to help you set up and manage time off. 
  • Shared company calendar so you can see who’s in and who’s out of office. 
  • Capabilities to send company-wide announcements and notifications. 
  • A selection of HR reports, giving visibility of key employee metrics such as headcount, gender, and length of service. 
  • Employee self-serve access to update personal details and manage leave.  

Reporting enhancements—analysis types  

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

Payroll analysis types help you understand your payroll in more detail. For example, you can use them to monitor your employer costs by department, project, or cost centre. You can also customise analysis types and assign them to specific employees. 

Full Payment Submission (FPS) adjustment 

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

You can now send an FPS adjustment submission directly to HMRC. This makes it quicker and easier to notify HMRC of any changes you’ve made to a completed pay run. 

Pay run corrections 

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

You can now quickly and easily correct a completed pay run. Then, you can choose whether to show the difference in net pay in the next pay run to reflect any changes you’ve made.  

Employment verification 

Plan: Essentials, Standard, Premium 

Employment verification lets your employees access and share their payroll data, making it easy for them to provide proof of employment and income. This is handy for a range of situations, such as when they apply for a mortgage. 


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